Sim Samsara - the Family Rodent welcomes by oli goldsmith art 2017

The Family Rodent in Sim Samsara Oli Goldsmith and his many Families Rodent jointly welcome you to the ‘from now on’ official ‘pseudo imaginary world’ encompassing the entire body of #oligoldsmithart – know throughout myriad phases and rotations of the strange-loops, as the realm of: SimSamsara Reached via antiquated Parrot-Brail Code while visiting himself as Sam and Sara, the Artist […]

I like this Robert Rauschenberg quote regarding the explosion of “art theory” in its many forms – he having not paid a whole lot of consideration to such until (or I expect after). “moving on to theory and its possibilities was like being handed a ghost bouquet of flowers” It is a topic where I’ve […]

oli art limited edition prints and 3d printed art bucket maybe its jargon october 2016

This special 2016, first ever Oli ART Bucket – “Maybe It’s Jargon” is a limited edition collection of recent works in both 2D and 3D. A total of 20 signed and numbered 6″x6″ limited edition prints are included – all of which are brand-new 2016 artworks. 10 are traditional archival pigment-ink on fine-art rag paper. Signed and […]

Jerusalem by Alan Moore truly is an epic tapestry of rare beauty and skilled craftsmanship. A ‘Philosopher’s Toroid’ in Joyce’s Wake.

Oli Goldsmith Are We Born Yet

Hi there, this is that artist formally known as Oli Goldsmith (indeed most of the time I am still known by Oli Goldsmith and don’t expect any dramatic changes to that situation any time too soon). If you used to know me and/or my work – you may have wondered at some point in what […]