September 7, 2016

Oli Goldsmith Art Phase Next

Hi there, this is that artist formally known as Oli Goldsmith (indeed most of the time I am still known by Oli Goldsmith and don’t expect any dramatic changes to that situation any time too soon).

If you used to know me and/or my work – you may have wondered at some point in what we can perhaps agree to call my “lost decade” or close to it. It’s not quite accurate in the whole but will serve as a good enough placeholder until I fill in the plotlines in coming days weeks months the like.

I will leave the where the hell have I been unaddressed for the moment and get to the main news item – that being that I’m very much back into the thick of my art practice (indeed I have been intensly so for 2 years now – during which I’ve been foucussed on myself, the work and laying a foundation for where I am taking it next).

I am in the process of getting the results along with ongoing new work up and online right now and will be filling in the site here with many new things (and old). As I have done a great deal of thinking about art, death the universe and many topics in between thanks to an acquired addiction to audiobooks – working together with my own brain I would like to hope. As such there will be much more coming in terms of entries on critical ideas surrounding my practice and a range of ideas, philosophical ramblings and the like.

In the meantime I invite you to check out my little art shop (yes please buy now!) I am also showing through ENGINE Gallery where you can find my work in Port Hope – show very soon!

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