oli art limited edition prints and 3d printed art bucket maybe its jargon october 2016

This special 2016, first ever Oli ART Bucket – “Maybe It’s Jargon” is a limited edition collection of recent works in both 2D and 3D.

A total of 20 signed and numbered 6"x6" limited edition prints are included - all of which are brand-new 2016 artworks.

  • 10 are traditional archival pigment-ink on fine-art rag paper. Signed and numbered by artist with low edition max. of 100.
  • 10 are a new format entirely featuring multi-layered compositions on holographic and similarly bold and experimental new synthetic materials described in detail below.

This is the first of what is planned to be a new bi-monthly 'Oli Art Set' series of similar limited edition Art mini-collections going forward.

"This and future art sets are Intended as an eclectic and playful project thru which my latest visual ideas, experiments with new materials, objects and forms can freely play. I want to pleasantly and playfully surprise fans and supporters of my work - offering an affordable way to collect a combination of more traditional (and easily displayable) 'printmaking' type artworks with surprises and quirkier other formats mixed in. There will always be some unlisted surprise element to each new set, along with 'art objects' such as 3d printed figurines / mini sculptures (as is included in this first one),


while  experimenting with new media and formats while offering fans and supporters of Oli's work an affordable option to purchase some of and highly rewarding


fun bonus surprises for fans and supports of Oli's work to purchase affordably.,  with the first publicly available 3d printed art object (miniature classic Oli drawing 'Vicuna in Peru') and several other bonus collectibles.

The set is packaged safely in a stylish clear 'bucket' - signed and numbered on bottom with 'Maybe It's Jargon' Capybara emblem.

Maybe It's Jargon! - Oli Goldsmith 2016 Art Show and Collector Art Print Set

Contents can be easily removed by opening tin top. Prints can be stored in see-through bucket or, thanks to flexible substrates used for the enclosed 'holographic' art prints, easily removed for presentation or mounting (for simple ideas and methods see included in owner's brochure / certificate).


Your set of 6"x6" Oli Goldsmith original art prints aren't like any you have seen before. Three dimensional prism-like effects accentuate and elevate specific themes explored in the images (and my body of recent work as a whole).

From playful social commentary - as in 'Dermitt the Fraud -  anti-counterfeit edition' and 'Ponzi Bear Market Maker Cycle' - to the many recursive patterns and explorations of symmetry, scale, symbolic systems and our relationship with media and technology.

In each case the purposefully bombastic aesthetic quality of these materials enhance Oli's distinct yet peculiarly comforting visual vocabulary.


  • 10 x Original Oli Goldsmith 'HoloPrint' 6"x6" Artworks - edition max # of 100 
  • 'HoloPrints' are a new format I have developed specifically for my limited editions and new monthly 'art sets' - this being the first. My goal was to bring aesthetic qualities central to the major large-scale works I have produced over the past 2 years - to smaller and more affordable editions and sets (of which this is the first).Each 'HoloPrint' consists of multiple transparent resin-film layers stacked and overlaid archival synthetic holographic and metallic sheets. The resulting art editions feature subtle depth effects, a highly vibrant palette incorporating iridescent and florescent qualities enhanced further with archival synthetic holographic and metallic substrates.

    Many of these striking visual qualities can't be fully conveyed on a screen image - due primarily to the interplay of environmental light and dynamic movement the holographic and iridescent materials respond to. I have captured as much of the uniqueness achieved with this exciting hybrid i've coined as my 'HoloPrint' format as possible in preview images here, but I'm absolutely positive you will be impressed all the more however with them in person.

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